12th Zoology

Livestock and Management

Livestock and Management

The well being of human population is directly linked to the natural
resources of a country. Natural resources are of various kinds. They are
plants, animals, land, water and minerals. Animal husbandry and dairying
have been mainly rural-based, generating employment and revenue among the rural people.

Extensive studies have been undertaken by ICAR (Indian Council for Agricultural Research), State Agricultural Universities, and non-governmental research organizations, etc, to improve the livestock and its management. Intensive crossbreeding programme in cattle has led to the evolution of high-yielding milch animals. Livestock and Management


Dairy operation consists of proper maintenance of cattle, the
collection of milk, processing the milk, and its by products. Dairying is the
production and marketing of milk and its products.

Dairy technology made rapid growth in the later half of the 19th
century. New methods and equipments are available for machine-milking of cows. Artificial feeds and nutrient foods are manufactured to improve the milk yield of cows. Breeding techniques and applications of biotechnology in livestock improvement programme of cattle have tremendously increased the production of new breeds with high milking capacities. Since milk forms a staple food, majority of the Indian population rely on milk for their protein supplement. Livestock and Management

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