12th Zoology

Exotic breeds of cattle

Exotic breeds of cattle

Many milk yeilding breeds of cattle are imported and reared in India. The exotic breeds are successfully crossed with indigenous breeds to obtain cross breeds, which have sufficient desirable characters.

European breeds are the first kind of exotic breeds introduced in India about 90 years back. Important ones are short horns Ayreshire, Jersey, Brown swiss, Holstein Friesean, Guernsy and Red Dane. (Exotic breeds of cattle)

Jersey : Jersey is one of the oldest dairy breed. It originated from Jersey
island adaptable to wide range of climatic conditions and heat. The colour of the breed ranges from white to dark grey, and it is broken and found as
patches. Jerseys are nervous and sensitive animals. Jerseys have good udders
with large teats. The lactational yield is 4,950 kg with milk fat 5% .

The milk has a characteristic yellow colour because of high carotene content.
The bulls are vicious than other breed. Cross breeding of Jersey and indigenous
Sindhi and Hariyana produced excellent cross breeds with more than
2000 kg of milk yield per lactation period. (Exotic breeds of cattle)

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