12th Zoology

Techniques adopted in cattle breeding

Techniques adopted in cattle breeding

A. Out breeding :

Out breeding is mating of less closely related or unrelated
animals.The individuals involved do not have a common ancestor in the
preceeding 4-6 generations. (Techniques adopted in cattle breeding)

B. Cross breeding :

Cross breeding is mating of animals of different breeds.
It is valuable as a means of introducing desirable characters into new breed
in which they have not existed formerly. The cross breeds exhibit increased
growth and vigour by the blend of desirable dominant genes from two breeds
in the first generation. (Techniques adopted in cattle breeding)

C. Artificial insemination :

Artificial insemination is the deposition of male
reproductive cells (spermatozoa) in the female reproductive tract by
mechanical means rather than by natural mating. The semen is collected from
the male by artificial means. The semen is inseminated into the female by
placing a portion of it either in a collected or in a diluted form into the cervix
of the uterus by mechanical methods at the proper time and under most
hygienic condition. (Techniques adopted in cattle breeding)
It helps to eliminate the need for maintenance of herd sire, permits long
distance transport of semen by air, avoids spreading of genital diseases,
and increase the rate of conception. Further this method helps better
recording, permits use of semen from injured and old bulls and provides a
chance of detecting any genital abnormalities or pathological infection and
inflammation in cows. (Techniques adopted in cattle breeding)

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