12th Zoology

Non-contagious diseases – Cattle

Non Contagious Diseases – Cattle

The diseases which does not spread by external modes but are caused by physiological or genetical means is known as non contagious diseases.

1. Milk fever :

Milk fever is common in high milk producing cows and
buffaloes during the early part of the lactation. It is due to inability of the
animal to assimilate calcium from the feed, leading to demineralization in the
bone. The serum Ca and P levels become low and the sugar level gets

Symptoms :

Staggering, loss of appetite, temperature becoming below
normal, pulse rate becoming high, restlessness and become inactive.
Precaution and first aid : Feeding jaggery along with lime water, few days
prior to calving and giving soft nutritious and easily digestible food for a few
days after calving prevents milk fever. Cleaning the udder with warm cloth
and preventing infection from the floor. Pumping clean air into the udder and
massaging are other measures to be adopted.

2. Constipation :

Constipation is severe due to over eating of coarse

fibrous roughages, inadequate intake of water and lack of exercise. Which
leads to lack of appetite, lack of rumination or chewing and dull

Precaution and first aid :

The affected animals can be given wheat bran meal or rice gruel and succulent fodder. Plenty of drinking water with jaggery or salt, evacuating the rectum by giving warm soap water enema and massaging the abdomen are the other measures of treatment. (non contagious diseases)

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