12th Zoology

Important cattle breeds and their characteristics

Important cattle breeds and their characteristics

Among mammals, cattles belong to the genus Bos (ruminant
quadrupeds), and the species being divided into Bos indicus (humped cattle), Bos taurus (without any hump), Bos bubalis (the buffalo).
In India at present there are twenty six well defined breeds of cattle
and six breeds of buffaloes found spread all over the country. Cattles are classified under three groups based on the purpose they serve to man. They
are Dairy breeds, Dual purpose breeds and Draught breeds. A breed
is a group of animals of a species which has for a long period been bred
among themselves. The members of the breed have closely resembling
characters and these characters are hereditarily transmissible to young ones. (Important cattle breeds)

Cattle Breeds

Dairy purpose
cows are high milk yielders, with extended lactation.

1. Sahiwal

2. Sindhi

3. Gir

4. Umblachery

5. Karan swiss

Dual purpose

cows are meant for milk and bullocks are meant for

1. Hariana

2. Ongole

3. Tharparker

4. Kankrej

Draught purpose

Bullocks are good draught animals
while the cows are
draught. poor milk yielders.

1. Amritmahal

2. Kangayam

3. Malvi

4. Siri
5. Hallikar

(Important cattle breeds)

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