12th Zoology



To assist in the diagnaosis of diseases and disorders and to
monitor therapy, a wide range of clinical tests has been developed. The
demand for investigations is growing with the growing population and

To get fast results on a large number of specimens, it is becoming
inevitable to replace manual methods. This could be done by autoanalysers.
With help of autoanalysers an increased work load can be processed rapidly
and with reproducible results. To maintain the quailty of results, standards
(samples of Known values) will be run along with every batch of test samples.

Advantages of an autoanalyser :

1. Accuracy is more when compared with manual method.
2. Large number of samples may be processed in minimal time.
3. Two or more assays may be performed simultaneously.
4. Calculations are not required.

Disadvantages of an autoanalyser :

1. It is impractical for small number of specimens.
2. Instruments may fail occasionally.
3. Additional training of the staff about the working, maintenance and
potential problems of the machine is needed.
4. They are expensive.

Parameters to be analysed by an autoanalyser

Autoanalyser can be used to estimate parameters such as glucose,
protein, albumin, creatinine, blood urea nitrogen (BUN), sodium, potassium,
chlorine, transaminase, lactic dehydrogenase, bilirubin, inorganic phosphate,
calcium, cholesterol, uric acid, phosphatases and bicarbonate.

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  4. Darwinism

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  6. Objections to Darwinism

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