12th Zoology

Milch breeds (or) Dairy breeds

Milch breeds (or) Dairy breeds

The cows of this group are high milk yielders with extended lactation
periods. The bullocks are of poor draught qualities. These cattle are well
built with strong limbs. e.g Deoni, Gir, Sindhi and Sahiwal. The cows in domestic
usage for milk are non-descriptive types. (Milch breeds)

1. Sindhi (Red Sindhi, Red Karachi) :

Origin and distribution : The home of this breed is Karachi and Hyderabad.
Distinguishing characters : Medium size and compact body. Thick horns
emerging laterally and ending in blunt points. They have intelligent facial
expression. Deep dark red colour. Bulls are darker than the cow. They have
hump and the udder is large with medium sized teats. The animals are
docile and quiet. Bullocks are steady workers, suited for road and field work.
Sindhi cows are hardy and have high degree of resistant to heat and
ticks. These are the most economical milk producers among the dairy breeds
of India.
Milk production :- Yields as high as 5,443 kg per lactation period.

2. Gir (Kathiawarhi, Surti) :-

Origin and distribution : The breed originated from the Gir forest of South
Kathiawar. Impure forms of Gir breeds are found in Baroda and some parts
of Maharastra.

Distinguishing characters : The colour is not always entire. Most of these
cows have spotted skin. It is usually red, black and red, red and white or
white with red spots. The body is well built with clear cut lines. The pure
breed has a majestic appearance. Ears are long like a leaf. Tail is long and
whip like. Legs are long and well built. Udder is large with matching teats.
Bullocks are heavy, powerful and good for draught.
Milk Production : Gir cows are good milk yielders. In some, the maximum
yield is 3,715 Kg per lactation period. (Milch breeds)

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