12th Zoology

Scope of Genetic Engineering – Scope of Bioinformatics

Scope of Genetic Engineering – Scope of Bioinformatics

Scope of Genetic Engineering

i. To manufacture drugs and other life saving bioproducts such as insulin,
growth hormones, interferons, cytokines and monoclonal antibodies.

ii. For environmental management to reduce or abate the pollution load in
soil or water.

iii. In waste recycling to increase productivity.

iv. In plant breeding by the incorporation of useful genes (nif genes = nitrogen
fixing genes).

v. In bringing pest resistance in agriculture crops. (Scope of Genetic Engineering)

vi. And in treatment of diseases by way of gene therapy etc.
Such genetic engineering and biotechnological processes involve
knowledge of enormous number of genes, their cooling and thier protein
sequences. Computers and newly evolved software packages are utilised
for these purposes. Thus biological studies are provided with a support from
electronic computers. This new integrated field constitutes Bioinformatics.

Scope of Bioinformatics

1. Bioinformatics helps to create an electronic database on genomes and
protein sequences from single celled organisms to multicellular organisms.
2. It provides techniques by which three-dimensional models of biomolecules
could be understood along with their structure and function.
3. It integrates mathematical, statistical and computational methods to analyse
biological, biochemical and biophysical data.
4. Bioinformatics deals with methods for starting, retrieving and
analysing biological data such as nuclei acid (DNA/RNA) and protein
sequences, structure, functions pathways and genetic interactions.
5. The computational methods in bioinformatics extend information for probing
not only at genome level or protein level but up to whole organism level, or
ecosystem level of organization.
6. It provides genome level data for understanding normal biological
processes and explains the malfunctioning of genes leading to diagnosing of
diseases and designing of new drugs.


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