12th Zoology



Introduction and Scope

Genetics deals with various concepts and phenomena related to
inheritance. Mendel’s findings sowed the seeds for understanding the
secrets of heredity and paved the way for further knowledge on genes and
chromosomes. The post Mendelian period was remarkable in that many new
concepts and hypotheses related to general genetics such as factor (gene)
interactions, sex determination, linkage, sex linkage, crossing over, cytoplasmic
inheritance, multiple allelism polygenic inheritance were added.

The discovery of double helical DNA by Watson and Crick in 1953 has
unraveled the secrets of gene functions. The voluminous works on
Drosophila and prokaryotes like Escherichia coli opened up a new era of
modern (molecular) genetics. In modern genetics, human genetics
constitutes a part. It attempts to bring informations most important for
understanding the genetics of man who is also a species like any other
taxonomic species. Human genetics involves the identification of human
chromosomes; genetic engineering prospects; genetic diseases and gene
therapy; cloning devices; transgenic or genetically modified organisms etc.
Towards this line, the modern genetics also deals with the human genome
project; bioinformatics / biological data base and proteomics. (MODERN GENETICS)

Related Topics in Zoology:

Bio Zoology All Important Topics

  1. MODERN GENETICS Introduction and Scope

  2. Human Genetics – Karyotyping

  3. Karyotyping of Human chromosomes

  4. Genetic Engineering

  5. Tools Of Genetic Engineering

  6. Restriction enzymes – Recombinant DNA Technology

  7. DNA – Segmenting / Fragmenting

  8. Genetic Diseases

  9. Human Genome Project (HGP)

  10. Cloning

  11. Transgenic organisms

  12. Gene Therapy

  13. Bioinformatics

  14. Scope of Genetic Engineering – Scope of Bioinformatics

  15. Database

  16. Genome sequencing

  17. Protein structure


    1. Human population and explosion

    2. Population Explosion

    3. Growing Population and Environmental impacts

    4. Global warming – Green house effect

    5. Ozone layer depletion

    6. Prevention and Effect of Ozone depletions

    7. Waste management – Classification

    8. Management of hazardous wastes

    9. Management of non hazardous wastes

    10. Waste water treatment and management

    11. Biodiversity

    12. Conservation of Biodiversity

    13. Characteristics of a Bioreserve

    14. Energy crisis and its environmental impact

    15. Steps to be taken to resolve energy crisis

    16. Environmental impacts of Power Sources

    17. Poverty and environment

    18. Fresh water crisis and management

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