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Timber yielding plant Teak Economic importance

Timber yielding plant – Teak

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Its binomial is Tectona grandis. It belongs to Verbenaceae. It is large
deciduous tree and shows resistance to termites.

Sap wood is white and heart wood is green emitting fragrance. The timber retains its fragrance for a long time.

It is hard , durable and strong and also takes up good

In India, it is used for making furnitures, buildings, cardboards,
railway sleepers, etc.

Ships and bridges are also made from this timber.

Economic importance

  • Teak wood is durable and it is an important timber in the tropics. As
    the seasoned teak, timber does not shrink, crack or alter its shape, it is extensively used in making household furnitures.
  • It is also used in ship building, boats, etc.
  • It is used for interior decoration.
  • It is used for the manufacture of boards.

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