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Fibre plant – Cotton Economic importance

Fibre plant – Cotton

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Many members of Malvaceae yield fibres. Gossypium barbadense
(Egyptian cotton) and G. hirsutum are some examples for fibre plants.

The seed coat of cotton seeds produce fibres on their external surface. So, it is called as surface fibre.

Almost the entire textile industry depends on this fibre. Cotton is
used in stuffing the pillows and cushions.

It is also used in making rubber tyres, carpets, blankets and cordages are made from cotton.

Economic importance

  • It is a cash crop.
  • It gives three important products: fibre, food and cattle feed.
  • Lint fibre is for clothing which is very much useful in the textile
  • Seed is used for extracting oil. This is also used as vanaspathi.
  • Cotton flour prepared from the seed is used for bread and biscuit
  • Cotton seed cake is used as a good organic manure.
  • Fatty acids obtained from oil is used in the preparation of insecticide,
    fungicidies and plastics, etc.

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