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Oil plant Groundnut Economic importance

Oil plant – Groundnut

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Its binomial is Arachis hypogea. It belongs to Fabaceae. It is an
annual. The word groundnut derives its name from the fact that its fruits ripe beneath the ground.

The roasted seeds are edible. Oil is extracted from the seeds and used as fine cooking medium.

Vegetable ghee (peanut butter) is also prepared from this oil. The oil cake is fed to the livestock. It is rich in fatty acids and proteins.

Economic importance

  • Ground nut oil is one of the important edible oils. It is extensively used in cookery as a salad oil. It is used for the manufacture of vanaspathi.
  • Groundnut kernel is rich and cheap source of vegetable protein.
    Kernels are eaten, fried and salted and added to a number of dishes.
  • Peanut butter is prepared by grinding roasted and blanched kernels.
    It is nutritious.
  • Groundnut oil is used to a limited extent in soap making.
  • Oil is used as illuminant, lubricant.
  • Oil cake is used as animal feed and organic manure.
  • Groundnut shell is used in the manufacture of activated carbon.
  • The groundnut cake is a good cattle feed. The plant after removing
    the pod, both dried and fresh is a good cattle feed.

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