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Anna University – CS3551 Distributed Computing Regulation 2021 Syllabus , Notes , Important Questions, Question Paper with Answers Previous Year Question Paper.

UNIT I INTRODUCTION CS3551 Distributed Computing Syllabus

Introduction: Definition-Relation to Computer System Components – Motivation – Message -Passing
Systems versus Shared Memory Systems – Primitives for Distributed Communication –
Synchronous versus Asynchronous Executions – Design Issues and Challenges; A Model of
Distributed Computations: A Distributed Program – A Model of Distributed Executions – Models of
Communication Networks – Global State of a Distributed System.

UNIT II LOGICAL TIME AND GLOBAL STATE CS3551 Distributed Computing Notes

Logical Time: Physical Clock Synchronization: NTP – A Framework for a System of Logical Clocks
– Scalar Time – Vector Time; Message Ordering and Group Communication: Message Ordering
Paradigms – Asynchronous Execution with Synchronous Communication – Synchronous Program
Order on Asynchronous System – Group Communication – Causal Order – Total Order; Global
State and Snapshot Recording Algorithms: Introduction – System Model and Definitions – Snapshot
Algorithms for FIFO Channels.

UNIT III DISTRIBUTED MUTEX AND DEADLOCK CS3551 Distributed Computing Important Questions

Distributed Mutual exclusion Algorithms: Introduction – Preliminaries – Lamport’s algorithm – RicartAgrawala’s Algorithm –– Token-Based Algorithms – Suzuki-Kasami’s Broadcast Algorithm;
Deadlock Detection in Distributed Systems: Introduction – System Model – Preliminaries – Models
of Deadlocks – Chandy-Misra-Haas Algorithm for the AND model and OR Model.

UNIT IV CONSENSUS AND RECOVERY CS3551 Distributed Computing Question Bank

Consensus and Agreement Algorithms: Problem Definition – Overview of Results – Agreement in a
Failure-Free System(Synchronous and Asynchronous) – Agreement in Synchronous Systems with
Failures; Checkpointing and Rollback Recovery: Introduction – Background and Definitions – Issues
in Failure Recovery – Checkpoint-based Recovery – Coordinated Checkpointing Algorithm –
– Algorithm for Asynchronous Checkpointing and Recovery

UNIT V CLOUD COMPUTING CS3551 Distributed Computing Question Paper

Definition of Cloud Computing – Characteristics of Cloud – Cloud Deployment Models – Cloud
Service Models – Driving Factors and Challenges of Cloud – Virtualization – Load Balancing –
Scalability and Elasticity – Replication – Monitoring – Cloud Services and Platforms: Compute
Services – Storage Services – Application Services

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