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CB3491 Cryptography and Cyber Security [PDF]

CB3491 Cryptography and Cyber Security Study Materials

Anna University – CB3491 Cryptography and Cyber Security Regulation 2021 Syllabus , Notes , Important Questions, Question Paper with Answers Previous Year Question Paper.

UNIT I INTRODUCTION TO SECURITY CB3491 Cryptography and Cyber Security Syllabus

Computer Security Concepts – The OSI Security Architecture – Security Attacks – Security Services
and Mechanisms – A Model for Network Security – Classical encryption techniques: Substitution
techniques, Transposition techniques, Steganography – Foundations of modern cryptography:
Perfect security – Information Theory – Product Cryptosystem – Cryptanalysis.

UNIT II SYMMETRIC CIPHERS CB3491 Cryptography and Cyber Security Notes

Number theory – Algebraic Structures – Modular Arithmetic – Euclid‘s algorithm – Congruence and
matrices – Group, Rings, Fields, Finite Fields SYMMETRIC KEY CIPHERS: SDES – Block Ciphers – DES, Strength of DES – Differential and
linear cryptanalysis – Block cipher design principles – Block cipher mode of operation – Evaluation
criteria for AES – Pseudorandom Number Generators – RC4 – Key distribution.

UNIT III ASYMMETRIC CRYPTOGRAPHY CB3491 Cryptography and Cyber Security Important Questions

Factorization – Euler’s totient function, Fermat’s and Euler’s Theorem – Chinese Remainder
Theorem – Exponentiation and logarithm
ASYMMETRIC KEY CIPHERS: RSA cryptosystem – Key distribution – Key management – Diffie
Hellman key exchange -– Elliptic curve arithmetic – Elliptic curve cryptography.

UNIT IV INTEGRITY AND AUTHENTICATION ALGORITHMS CB3491 Cryptography and Cyber Security Question Bank

Authentication requirement – Authentication function – MAC – Hash function – Security of hash
function: HMAC, CMAC – SHA – Digital signature and authentication protocols – DSS – Schnorr
Digital Signature Scheme – ElGamal cryptosystem – Entity Authentication: Biometrics, Passwords,
Challenge Response protocols – Authentication applications – Kerberos
MUTUAL TRUST: Key management and distribution – Symmetric key distribution using symmetric
and asymmetric encryption – Distribution of public keys – X.509 Certificates.

UNIT V CYBER CRIMES AND CYBER SECURITY CB3491 Cryptography and Cyber Security Question Paper

Cyber Crime and Information Security – classifications of Cyber Crimes – Tools and Methods –
Password Cracking, Keyloggers, Spywares, SQL Injection – Network Access Control – Cloud
Security – Web Security – Wireless Security

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TEXT BOOKS CB3491 Cryptography and Cyber Security Notes

1. William Stallings, “Cryptography and Network Security – Principles and Practice”, Seventh
Edition, Pearson Education, 2017.
2. Nina Godbole, Sunit Belapure, “Cyber Security: Understanding Cyber crimes, Computer
Forensics and Legal Perspectives”, First Edition, Wiley India, 2011.

REFERENCES CB3491 Cryptography and Cyber Security Important Questions

1. Behrouz A. Ferouzan, Debdeep Mukhopadhyay, “Cryptography and Network Security”, 3rd
Edition, Tata Mc Graw Hill, 2015.
2. Charles Pfleeger, Shari Pfleeger, Jonathan Margulies, “Security in Computing”, Fifth Edition,
Prentice Hall, New Delhi, 2015.

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