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IT3501 Full Stack Web Development [PDF]

IT3501 Full Stack Web Development Study Materials

Anna University – IT3501 Full Stack Web Development Regulation 2021 Syllabus , Notes , Important Questions, Question Paper with Answers Previous Year Question Paper.

UNIT I BASICS OF FULL STACK IT3501 Full Stack Web Development Syllabus

Understanding the Basic Web Development Framework – User – Browser – Webserver – Backend
Services – MVC Architecture – Understanding the different stacks –The role of Express – Angular
– Node – Mongo DB – React

UNIT II NODE JS IT3501 Full Stack Web Development Notes

Basics of Node JS – Installation – Working with Node packages – Using Node package manager –
Creating a simple Node.js application – Using Events – Listeners –Timers – Callbacks – Handling
Data I/O – Implementing HTTP services in Node.js

UNIT III MONGO DB IT3501 Full Stack Web Development Important Questions

Understanding NoSQL and MongoDB – Building MongoDB Environment – User accounts –
Access control – Administering databases – Managing collections – Connecting to MongoDB from
Node.js – simple applications

UNIT IV EXPRESS AND ANGULAR IT3501 Full Stack Web Development Question Bank

Implementing Express in Node.js – Configuring routes – Using Request and Response objects –
Angular – Typescript – Angular Components – Expressions – Data binding – Built-in directives

UNIT V REACT IT3501 Full Stack Web Development Question Paper

MERN STACK – Basic React applications – React Components – React State – Express REST
APIs – Modularization and Webpack – Routing with React Router – Server-side rendering

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TEXT BOOKS IT3501 Full Stack Web Development Notes

1. Brad Dayley, Brendan Dayley, Caleb Dayley, ‘Node.js, MongoDB and Angular Web
Development’, Addison-Wesley, Second Edition, 2018
2. Vasan Subramanian, ‘Pro MERN Stack, Full Stack Web App Development with Mongo,
Express, React, and Node’, Second Edition, Apress, 2019.

REFERENCES IT3501 Full Stack Web Development Important Questions

1. Chris Northwood, ‘The Full Stack Developer: Your Essential Guide to the Everyday Skills
Expected of a Modern Full Stack Web Developer’, Apress; 1st edition, 2018
2. Kirupa Chinnathambi, ‘Learning React: A Hands-On Guide to Building Web Applications
Using React and Redux’, Addison-Wesley Professional, 2nd edition, 2018

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