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ME6301 Engineering Thermodynamics Question Bank Regulation 2013 Anna University


ME6301 Engineering Thermodynamics Question Bank Regulation 2013 Anna University free download. ENGINEERING THERMODYNAMICS ME6301 Question Bank pdf free download.

Sample ME6301 Engineering Thermodynamics Question Bank:

PART – A (ME6301 Engineering Thermodynamics Question Bank)

1. What do you understand by pure substance?

2. Define thermodynamic system.

3. Name the different types of system.

4. Define thermodynamic equilibrium.

5. What do you mean by quasi-static process?

6. Define Path function.

7. Define point function.

8. Explain homogeneous and heterogeneous system.

9. What is a steady flow process? (ME6301 Engineering Thermodynamics Question Bank)

10. Prove that for an isolated system, there is no change in internal energy.

11. Indicate the practical application of steady flow energy equation.

12. Explain Mechanical equilibrium.

13. Explain Chemical equilibrium.

14. Explain Thermal equilibrium.

15. Define Zeroth law of Thermodynamics. (ME6301 Engineering Thermodynamics Question Bank)

16. What are the limitations of first law of thermodynamics?

17. What is perpetual motion machine of first kind?

18. Differentiate between Microscopic and Macroscopic?

19. Differentiate Quasi static and non Quasi static process? (ME6301 Engineering Thermodynamics Question Bank)

20. Differentiate reversible process and irreversible process?


1. a) A rigid tank containing 0.4m3 of air at 400 kPa and 30oC is connected by a valve to a piston cylinder device with zero clearance. The mass of the piston is such that a pressure of 200 kPa is required to raise the piston. The valve is opened slightly and air is allowed to flow into the cylinder until the pressure of the tank drops to 200 kPa. During this process, heat is exchanged with the surrounding such that the entire air remains at 30oC at all times. Determine the heat transfer for this process. (ME6301 Engineering Thermodynamics Question Bank)

b) A reciprocating air compressor taken in 2m3/min air at 0.11MPa, 293K which it delivers at 1.5 Mpa, 384 K to an after cooler where the air where the air is cooled at constant pressure to 298 K. the power absorbed by the compressor is 4.15 kW.

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