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ME6301 ENGINEERING THERMODYNAMICS Important questions Regulation 2013 Anna University


ME6301 Engineering Thermodynamics Important questions Regulation 2013 Anna University free download. ENGINEERING THERMODYNAMICS ME6301 Important questions pdf free download.

Sample ME6301 ENGINEERING THERMODYNAMICS Important questions:

1. Name the forms of energy transfer across the boundary of a thermodynamic system.

2. State the thermodynamics definition of work.

3. Define a quasi-equilibrium process.

4. Define intensive and Extensive properties. Give examples.

5. What is the state postulate ?

(ME6301 Engineering Thermodynamics Important questions)

6. What is zeroth law of thermodynamics ?

7. When does the concept of continuum become invalid ?

8. In which type of system neither mass nor energy is allowed to cross the boundary.

(ME6301 Engineering Thermodynamics Important questions)

9. What is meant by thermodynamic equilibrium?

10. What is meant by a control surface?

11. What is meant by microscopic and macroscopic approach?

12. Universal gas constant = Characteristic Gas constant Molecular weight (T/F)

13. What is an open system? Give examples.

14. Define a closed system. Give example

15. What is the work done in compressing a spring of stiffness 500 N/cm by 2 cm?
[1 kJ]

16. An electric water with a resistance of 50 Ohms heater is connected across a power supply of 240 Volt for a period of 1 hour.
a) Determine the work done by the power source on the heater.
b) How many units of electricity are consumed?
[5184 kJ; 1.44 k Whr]

(ME6301 Engineering Thermodynamics Important questions)

17. A gas is contained in a piston cylinder arrangement as given in the Figure 2.28.Initial volume of the gas is 0.5 m3. It is compressed from 1 bar to 10 bar such that the temperature remains constant. Find the final volume and work done.
[0.05 m3 ;115.13 kJ]

18. Air expands from 0.1 m3 to 0.23 m3 at a constant temperature of 50oC. Calculate the work done per kg of air. Rair  0.287 kJ/kgK.
[77.2 kJ]

19. Oxygen contained in a cylinder fitted with a piston expands in a quasistatic process according to the law pV1.5 constant. The initial pressure, temperature and volume are 5 bar, 300 k and 0.05 m3. After expansion, the pressure is 2 bar.
Find the following :
a. Final volume
b. Final temperature
c. Work done
[0.0921 m3 ; 221 K ; 13.16 kJ]

20. Air is compressed adiabatically from 0.92 m3 to 0.29 m3 in a piston cylinder arrangement. Taking its initial pressure and temperature as 103 kPa and 300 k respectively, find the work done. Also find the final temperature.

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