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GE6351 Syllabus ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING Regulation 2013 Anna University


GE6351 Syllabus ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING Regulation 2013 Anna University

OBJECTIVES GE6351 Syllabus :

To the study of nature and the facts about environment.

Finding and implementing scientific, technological, economic and political solutions to environmental problems.

Study the interrelationship between living organism and environment.

To appreciate the importance of environment by assessing its impact on the human world; envision the surrounding environment, its functions and its value.

Study the dynamic processes and understand the features of the earth’s interior and surface.

To study the integrated themes and biodiversity, natural resources, pollution control and waste management

OUTCOMES GE6351 Syllabus:

Environmental Pollution or problems cannot be solved by mere laws. Public participation is an important aspect which serves the environmental Protection. One will obtain knowledge
on the following after completing the course.

Public awareness of environmental is at infant stage.

Ignorance and incomplete knowledge has lead to misconceptions

Development and improvement in std. of living has lead to serious environmental disasters

TEXT BOOKS GE6351 Syllabus:

1. Gilbert M.Masters, “Introduction to Environmental Engineering and Science”, 2nd edition, Pearson Education, 2004.

2. Benny Joseph, “Environmental Science and Engineering”, Tata McGraw-Hill, New Delhi, 2006.

REFERENCES GE6351 Syllabus :

1. Trivedi.R.K., “Handbook of Environmental Laws, Rules, Guidelines, Compliances and Standards”, Vol. I and II, Enviro Media, 3rd edition, BPB publications, 2010.

2. Cunningham, W.P. Cooper, T.H. Gorhani, “Environmental Encyclopedia”, Jaico Publ., House, Mumbai, 2001.

3. Dharmendra S. Sengar, “Environmental law”, Prentice hall of India PVT LTD, New Delhi, 2007.

4. Rajagopalan, R, “Environmental Studies-From Crisis to Cure”, Oxford University Press, 2005.


Subject code GE6351
Regulation 2013

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