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GE6351 important questions ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING Regulation 2013 Anna University


GE6351 important questions ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING Regulation 2013 Anna University

Sample GE6351 important questions:

1. Define Environment.

The Physical, chemical and biological presence of living and non-living things outside an individual species is called
as its environment. According to ISO 14001, environment can be defined as, “Surroundings in which an
organization operates, including air, water, land, natural resources, flora, fauna, humans and inter relation”.

2. What are all the categories of environment?

The main categories of environment are biotic and abiotic environments. The abiotic environment can further be
classified into atmosphere (air), lithosphere (soil), and hydrosphere (water). The biotic environment is called as

3. Write the components of environment?

Air (Atmosphere)
Land (Lithosphere)
Water (Hydrosphere)

4. Mention any two awareness programme of environmental issues to student?

  • Participating in seminars and courses related to environment issues.
  • Discussion with people about the environmental problems.

5. Define ecosystem.

Ecosystem has been defined as a system of interaction of organisms with their surroundings. Numerous dynamic
interactions are occurring with in an ecosystem and these are complex.

6. List any four characteristics of ecosystem.

(i). Ecosystem is the major ecological unit
(ii). It contains both biotic and abiotic components.
(iii). The boundary of the ecosystem is not rigidly defined and it is flexible.
(iv). Through the biotic and abiotic components nutrient cycle and energy flow occur.

7. What are the different types of ecosystem?

Natural Ecosystem
Artificial Ecosystem
Incomplete Ecosystem

8. What are the biotic components of an ecosystem?

a. Producers (Autotrophs)
b. Consumers (Heterotrophs)
c. Decomposers

9. What are the autotrophs?

Producers or Autotrophs are organisms that are capable of making their required food themselves. (Auto=self,
troph=feeder). Green plants, grasses, mosses, shrubs, etc., are some of the examples of autotrophic components.

Subject code GE6351
Regulation 2013

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