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EC6403 Question Bank Electromagnetic Fields Regulation 2013 Anna University

EC6403 Question Bank Electromagnetic Fields

EC6403 Question Bank Electromagnetic Fields Regulation 2013 Anna University free download. Electromagnetic Fields Question Bank free download.

Sample EC6403 Question Bank:

1. Define Divergence. (May 2010)

2. State Coulomb’s law. (Nov 2009/May 2008)

3. Define electric field intensity at a point. (Dec 2011)

4. What is an equipotential surface? (May 2011)

5. State Gauss’s Law.(May 2008)

6. State the applications of Gauss’s law. (May 2007)

7. State Divergence Theorem.(Dec2010/May 2009)

8.State Stoke Theorem. (April/may 2004, Nov/Dec 2007, 2009, April
2010).Give the meaning of Stoke’s theorem. (Nov 2014)

9. Explain the term irrotational and solenoidal as applied to vector F.(Dec 2004)

10. Given two points in Cartesian coordinate system as A (3,-2, 1),B (-3,-3,5).find distance from B to A. (Dec 2010)

11. Give the principles of superposition (Dec 2002,2004)

12. Mention any two sources of electromagnetic field.(May 2008)

13. A uniform surface charge of s=2 μc/m2 is situated at z=2 plane, what is the value of electric field intensity at P(1,1,1)?(June 2011)

14. Why Gauss’s law cannot be applied to determine the electric field due to finite line charge?(Dec 2008)

15. Define potential (May 2004, 2010)

16. State the principle of superposition as applied to an electric potential of a point.(May 2004,2005)

17. State the nature of conservative field.(May 2005,Nov 2005)

18. Give the relation between electric field and potential.(May 2007,Dec 2007)

19. Define volume charge density.(May/June 2006)

20. What is the physical significance of the term “divergence of a vector field”?(May/June 2006)

21. Name 3 coordinate systems used in electromagnetic engineering?

22. How to represent a point in a Cartesian system?

23. What is separation of vector?

24. State Distance formula?

25. What are differential elements in Cartesian system?

26. What are the differential elements in cylindrical system?

Subject Name Electromagnetic Fields
Subject Code EC6403
Regulation 2013

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