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EC6403 Important questions Electromagnetic Fields Regulation 2013 Anna University

EC6403 Important questions Electromagnetic Fields

EC6403 Important questions Electromagnetic Fields Regulation 2013 Anna University free download. Electromagnetic Fields Important questions free download.

Sample EC6403 Important questions:

1. Define scalar and vector field? Give its two examples.

2. Define base (unit) vector? What is its function while representing a function?

3. Define rectangle, cylindrical & spherical coordinates.

4. Define line, surface & volume charge density.

5. Define Curl, Divergence & Gradient with mathematical expression.

6. State Stroke‟s theorem & Write mathematical expression for Stroke‟s theorem.

7. State Divergence theorem & Write mathematical expression for Divergence theorem.

8. Convert the point P(3, 4, 5) from the cartesian to spherical coordinates. Prove that curl grad Φ = 0.

9. Determine the gradient of the scalar filed F = 5r2+r Sinθ. Show that vector H = 3y4z2ax+4x3z2ay+3x2y2az is solenoidal.

10. State Coulomb‟s law (or) State Coulomb‟s law in vector form. What are the features of Coulomb‟s law?

11. In XY plane, Q1=100 μC at (2,3)m, experiences a repulsive force of 7.5 N because of Q2 at (10,6)m. Find Q2.

12. State the principle of superposition of fields. A uniform surface charge of σ=2μc/m2 is situated at z=2 plane. What is the value of D at P(1,1,1)m.

13. Define electric field intensity. Mention any two sources of electromagnetic field.

14. State Gauss law. What is the use of Gauss‟s law?

15. State Divergence theorem. Show that .E=0 in the case of a point charge.

16. Define electric flux and electric flux density? Write relation between E & D.

17. Define potential. Distinguish potential & potential difference.

18. Define electric scalar potential. Write down relation between potential & electric field.

19. What is an electric dipole? Write down the potential due to an electric dipole.

20. State nature of conservative field. A point charge +2 nC is located at origin. What is the value of potential at P(1,0,0)m.

Subject Name Electromagnetic Fields
Subject Code EC6403
Regulation 2013

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