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EC6403 Notes Electromagnetic Fields Regulation 2013 Anna University

EC6403 Notes Electromagnetic Fields

EC6403 Notes Electromagnetic Fields Regulation 2013 Anna University free download. Electromagnetic Fields Notes free download.


To impart knowledge on the basics of static electric and magnetic field and the associated laws.

Give insight into the propagation of EM waves and also to introduce the methods in computational electromagnetics.

To make students have depth understanding of antennas, electronic devices, Wave guides is possible.

OUTCOMES Electromagnetic Fields Notes:

Upon completion of the course, the students would be able to

Analyze field potentials due to static changes and static magnetic fields.

Explain how materials affect electric and magnetic fields.

Analyze the relation between the fields under time varying situations.

Discuss the principles of propagation of uniform plane waves.

TEXT BOOKS EC6403 Notes:

1. William H Hayt and Jr John A Buck, “Engineering Electromagnetics” , Tata Mc Graw-Hill Publishing Company Ltd, New Delhi, 2008.

2. Sadiku MH, “Principles of Electromagnetics”, Oxford University Press Inc, New Delhi, 2009.

REFERENCES Electromagnetic Fields Notes:

1. David K Cheng, “Field and Wave Electromagnetics”, Pearson Education Inc, Delhi, 2004.

2. John D Kraus and Daniel A Fleisch, “Electromagnetics with Applications”, Mc Graw Hill Book Co, 2005.

3. Karl E Longman and Sava V Savov, “Fundamentals of Electromagnetics”, Prentice Hall of India, New Delhi, 2006.

4. Ashutosh Pramanic, “Electromagnetism”, Prentice Hall of India , New Delhi, 2006.

Subject Name Electromagnetic Fields
Subject Code EC6403
Regulation 2013

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