UG syllabus R-2017

CY8151 Syllabus Engineering Chemistry Regulation 2017 Anna University

CY8151 Syllabus Engineering Chemistry

CY8151 Syllabus Engineering Chemistry Regulation 2017 Anna University pdf free download. Engineering Chemistry Syllabus CY8151  reg 2017 free pdf download.

UNIT I WATER AND ITS TREATMENT CY8151 Syllabus Engineering Chemistry

Hardness of water – types – expression of hardness – units – estimation of hardness of water by EDTA – numerical problems – boiler troubles (scale and sludge) – treatment of boiler feed water – Internal treatment (phosphate, colloidal, sodium aluminate and calgon conditioning) external treatment – Ion exchange process, zeolite process – desalination of brackish water – Reverse


Adsorption: Types of adsorption – adsorption of gases on solids – adsorption of solute from solutions – adsorption isotherms – Freundlich’s adsorption isotherm – Langmuir’s adsorption isotherm – contact theory – kinetics of surface reactions, unimolecular reactions, Langmuir – applications of adsorption on pollution abatement. Catalysis: Catalyst – types of catalysis – criteria – autocatalysis – catalytic poisoning and catalytic promoters – acid base catalysis – applications (catalytic convertor) – enzyme catalysis– Michaelis – Menten equation.

UNIT III ALLOYS AND PHASE RULE CY8151 Syllabus Engineering Chemistry

Alloys: Introduction- Definition- properties of alloys- significance of alloying, functions and effect of alloying elements- Nichrome and stainless steel (18/8) – heat treatment of steel. Phase rule: Introduction, definition of terms with examples, one component system -water system – reduced phase rule – thermal analysis and cooling curves – two component systems – lead-silver system –
Pattinson process.

UNIT IV FUELS AND COMBUSTION CY8151 Syllabus Engineering Chemistry

Fuels: Introduction – classification of fuels – coal – analysis of coal (proximate and ultimate) – carbonization – manufacture of metallurgical coke (Otto Hoffmann method) – petroleum – manufacture of synthetic petrol (Bergius process) – knocking – octane number – diesel oil – cetane number – natural gas – compressed natural gas (CNG) – liquefied petroleum gases (LPG) – power alcohol and biodiesel. Combustion of fuels: Introduction – calorific value – higher and lower calorific values- theoretical calculation of calorific value – ignition temperature – spontaneous ignition temperature – explosive range – flue gas analysis (ORSAT Method).


Nuclear fission – controlled nuclear fission – nuclear fusion – differences between nuclear fission and fusion – nuclear chain reactions – nuclear energy – light water nuclear power plant – breeder reactor – solar energy conversion – solar cells – wind energy. Batteries, fuel cells and supercapacitors: Types of batteries – primary battery (dry cell) secondary battery (lead acid battery, lithium-ion-battery) fuel cells – H2-O2 fuel cell.

Subject name Engineering Chemistry
Subject Code CY8151
Semester 1
Regulation 2017 Regulation

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