10th Social Science History school

10th Standard Social Science

10th Standard Social Science (History, Geography, Civics, Economics)


Unit 1 Audio Explanation Imperialism- Imperialism in India and China

  1. The major forms of Imperialism

  2. Causes for the rise of imperialism

  3. Effects of Imperialism

  4. Imperialism in India & china

  5. Taiping Rebellion, Second Opium war, Boxer  Rebellion, The End of Imperialism

Unit 2 Audio Explanation First World War (A.D.1914 ·A.D.1918) League of Nations

  1. First World War and its Causes

  2. Course of the First World War

  3. Results of the War


  5. Fundamental Principles, Organs and Achievements of League Nations

  6. Causes for the failure of the League of Nations First World War

Unit 3 Audio Explanation World Between The Two World Wars (A.D.1919·A.D.1939) ·Economic Depression

  1. World Between The Two World Wars Causes Economic Depression

  2. Franklin D Roosevelt, Effects of Economic Depression
  3. Fascism in ltaly (A.D.1922- A.D.1945)
  4. Mussolini Benito(1883 -1945) Saizuro of Power Fascist Party
  5. Achievements of Italy under Mussolini
  6. Nazism in Germany, Defeat of Germany, Adolf Hitler
  7. Capture of Power Achievement of hitler Aggressive Policy

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