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Results of the War

Results of the War

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The First World War came to an end by the Pans Peace Conference of 1919.

The main personalities of the conference were, Clemenceau of France, Lloyd George of Britain, Orlando of Italy and President Woodrow Wilson of America.

The Peace Treaty with Germany was signed and it was called as Treaty of Versailles.

Separate treaties were also concluded with other defeated countries.

The Treaty of St Germaine was concluded with Austria,the Treaty of Trianon with Hungary, the Treaty of Neuilly with Bulgaria and the Treaty of Sevares with Turkey.

It was on the Fourteen Points put forward  by President Woodrow Wilson the terms of the treaties were drafted.

The important  terms of the treaties were the following.

  • The covenant  of  the  League  of Nations was drawn up.
  • A huge war indemnity was imposed on Germany.
  • Her army was Germany surrendered Alsace and Lorraine to France.
  • She also gave up the Saar coal field to be occupied by France for a period of 15 years.
  • The overseas possessions of Germany were divided among the victorious nations.
  • Monarchy was abolished in Germany, Russia, Austria and the Republic of  Austria and Hungarywas  recognised.
  • The city of Danzig was internationalized. In many countries  Monarchies gave place to New Republics of Czechoslovakia and Poland were born
  • Lithuvania, Latvia and Esthonia were granted
  • The victorious nations forced the defeated nations with unfair treaties, it sowed the seeds for another world

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