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In the flames of World War I, Europe was consumed. It made the western countries to realize some international organization must be set up to prevent  war in future.

On the initiative of Woodrow Wilson, the President of USA, in January, 1919 a Peace Conference was  held in  Paris and  the representatives of forty two countries took part in it.

A council of ten with two representatives each from America, Britain, France, Italy and Japan was formed.

They worked hard to make the council  function  well.  But  Francis Clemenceau of France, Lloyd George of England, Woodrow Wilson of America and Orlando of Italy, played a major  role  in  the  conference.

The League of Nations was founded on the basis of their ideas.

In the Paris Peace Conference a suggestion was  given  for the establishment of  an organization of nations.

It was thought that only such an organization could prevent any future wars in the world. Before the foundation of such an organization, other institutions also came up.

They were:-

The League of Nations Society (1915),The world League for Peace (1917),and The League of free nations Association (1918) and the League of Nations Union.

On the 14th  February, 1919  the Peace Conference examined a note on maintaining peace in  the world.

According to it on January,  20th 1920, the League of Nations was officially founded with its headquarters in Geneva,Switzerland.

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