12th Zoology

Viral genetics

Viral genetics

The viral genome contains all the genetic information either as DNA
or RNA. but never both. The proportion of nucleic acid in a virion varies
from 1 % as in influenza virus to about 50%, as in certain phages. Smaller
viruses like paraviruses may have 3 to 4 genes while larger viruses like
herpes and pox may have several hundred genes. Viral genetics

Virions contain only a single copy of the nucleic acid. Hence they are called haploid viruses. The only exception is the retroviruses, which are said to be diploid as they contain two identical single-stranded RNA genomes. The virions are called the infectious particles. Viral genetics

The structure of nucleic acid in the virion may be either linear or
circular. The DNA of most animal viruses in a linear molecule. In some plant
viruses the genome is a circular RNA. But the RNA in animal viruses exists
only as linear double stranded or single stranded molecule. Viral genetics

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