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MG6851 Question Bank Principles of Management Regulation 2013 Anna University

MG6851 Question Bank Principles of Management

MG6851 Question Bank Principles of Management Regulation 2013 Anna University free download. Principles of Management Question Bank free pdf.

Sample MG6851 Question Bank :

1. What is planning? Explain steps involved in planning. (N-06, N-07, M-11, N-12)

2. What are objectives? How will you set objectives for a manufacturing organization? (N-06)

3. Discuss various forecasting techniques normally adopted. (N-07)

4. In detail explain the importance of planning in the present Indian business environment. Also highlight the different types of plans. (M-08)

5. Explain in detail the steps in the Decision–making process with examples. Also explain in detail any two Decision making tools. (M-08,M-11)

6. i) “ Planning is looking ahead and control is looking back”-comment.
ii) Elucidate the steps to be followed in the planning process. (M-07)

7. Briefly discuss about the various tools used for developing organizational strategies. (M-07)

8. Define MBO. Describe the benefits and weakness of MBO and ways to overcome them. (M-09)

9. Distinguish between programmed & non programmed Decisions and discuss the modern approaches to Decision making under uncertainty. (M-09)

10. Write short notes on the following:
i) Management by objectives
ii) Types of strategies. (N-12)

11. i) Explain the principle of planning. ii) Describe the various types of Decision. (M-12)

12. With the help of block diagram, explain the process of Management by Objectives (MBO) (M-12)

13. i) Explain the concept of Decentralization.
ii) Explain the importance of performance appraisal. (M-12)

Subject Name Principles of Management
Subject Code MG6851
Regulation 2013

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