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ME6602 Questions Bank Automobile Engineering Regulation 2013 Anna University

ME6602 Questions Bank Automobile Engineering

ME6602 Questions Bank Automobile Engineering Regulation 2013 Anna University free download. Automobile Engineering Questions Bank free pdf download.

Sample ME6602 Questions Bank:

1. Outline the properties of lubrication oil.(May/June 2011)

2. Why an engine cooling system is required? (May/June 2011)

3. State the basis on which automobile are classified. (May/June 2012) (May/June 2014)

4. What is the type of suspension used in heavy duty trucks? (May/June 2012)

5. List of the forces acting on a chassis frame. (May/June 2013)

6. Define ‘turbo lag’. (May/June 2013)

7. What is meant by ‘dump iron’ in frame work? (Nov/Dec 2013)

8. State the functions of lubrication. (Nov/Dec 2013)

9. What are the advantages of diesel engines in cars? (May/June 2014)

10. What is the need for gearbox in an automobile? (Nov/Dec 2014) (Nov/Dec 2015)

11. What is chassis? how its design is related to vehicle aerodynamics? (Nov/Dec 2014)

12. Name the resistances to vehicle motion. (Apr/May 2015)

13. Name the components of engine. (Apr/May 2015)

14. Give the typical specifications of an automobile.(Nov/Dec 2015)


1. Explain the lead acid battery with chemical reaction.(16) (May/June 2011)

2. Explain the different lubrication systems and discuss the main parts of the lubrication systems. (16) (May/June 2011)

3. Explain with neat sketches the various types of chassis & discuss their advantages and disadvantages.(16) (May/June 2012)

4. (i) Explain the main forces which oppose the motion of vehicle.(8) (May/June 2012)
(ii)Explain the effect of power to weight ratio on the performance of an automobile. (8) (May/June 2012)

5. Discuss the methods of a vehicle construction in detail.(16) (May/June 2013)

6. Describe the cooling & lubrication systems in automotive engine. (16) (May/June 2013)

7. Explain briefly about the defects in chassis frame. (16) (Nov/Dec 2013)

8. Explain the various sensors used in an electronic engine management systems and their functions.(16) (Nov/Dec 2013)

9. Give reasons
(i) For using single cylinder two stroke petrol engines on two wheelers. (8) (May/June 2014)
(ii) For using multi cylinder diesel engines in commercial vehicles. (8) (May/June 2014)

Subject Name Automobile Engineering
Subject Code ME6602
Regulation 2013
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