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ME6602 Important questions Automobile Engineering Regulation 2013 Anna University

ME6602 Important questions Automobile Engineering

ME6602 Important questions Automobile Engineering Regulation 2013 Anna University free download. Automobile Engineering Important questions free pdf download.

Sample ME6602 Important questions:

1. The valves are usually made of stainless steel. The valves used in modern passenger car engines are termed as poppet or mushroom valves.

2. What are the four main arrangements for engine positions?

i) Front engine with rear wheel drive.
ii) Transverse engine with front wheel drive.
iii) Four wheel drive
iv) Rear engine with rear wheel drive.

3. What is an in-line engine?

In this type the cylinders are arranged by side in one row. The cylinder nearest to theradiator is called cylinder number 1.

4. What is a vee-type engine?
This type is very compact in construction and has a common crank case. In this arrangement the axes of the cylinders are inclined to one another usually at 600. Vee type engines are shorter.

5.What is a ‘F’ head engine?

This is a combination of L and I engines. Inlet valve is in the head and exhaust valve in the cylinder. Both valves are operated by the same camshaft.

6.What are cylinder liners?

The cylinder may wear out after frequent use. Hence the cylinders have to be replaced, but this is very costly. Therefore, instead of replacing the complete cylinder it is better tofit a parallel sleeve in the block. This sleeve is known as cylinder liner. They are made of
special alloy iron containing manganese, nickel and chromium.

7. What are the functions of Piston rings?

i)Prevention of leakage of gas into the crankcase.
ii)Prevention of lubricating oil film.
iii)Easy transmission of heat from piston to cylinder wall.
iv)Balancing of side thrust of the piston.


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