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ME6602 Notes Automobile Engineering Regulation 2013 Anna University

ME6602 Notes Automobile Engineering

ME6602 Notes Automobile Engineering Regulation 2013 Anna University free download. Automobile Engineering Notes free pdf download.


To understand the construction and working principle of various parts of an automobile.

To have the practice for assembling and dismantling of engine parts and transmission system.

OUTCOMES ME6602 Notes:

Upon completion of this course, the students will be able to identify the different components in automobile engineering.

Have clear understanding on different auxiliary and transmission systems usual.

TEXT BOOKS ME6602 Notes:

1. Kirpal Singh, “Automobile Engineering”, Vol 1 & 2, Seventh Edition, Standard Publishers, New Delhi, 1997.

2. Jain K.K. and Asthana .R.B, “Automobile Engineering” Tata McGraw Hill Publishers, New Delhi, 2002.


1. Newton ,Steeds and Garet, “Motor Vehicles”, Butterworth Publishers,1989.

2. Joseph Heitner, “Automotive Mechanics,” Second Edition, East-West Press, 1999.

3. Martin W, Stockel and Martin T Stockle , “Automotive Mechanics Fundamentals,” The Good heart –Will Cox Company Inc, USA ,1978.

4. Heinz Heisler, “Advanced Engine Technology,” SAE International Publications USA, 1998.

5. Ganesan V. “Internal Combustion Engines”, Third Edition, Tata McGraw-Hill, 2007.

The following main components of the Chassis are

1. Frame: it is made up of long two members called side member riveted together with the help of number of cross members.

2. Engine or Power plant: It provides the source of power

3. Clutch: It connects and disconnects the power from the engine fly Wheel to the transmission system.

4. Gear Box 5.U Joint 6. Propeller Shaft 7. Differential


1. To carry load of the passengers or goods carried in the body.

2. To support the load of the body, engine, gear box etc.,

3. To withstand the forces caused due to the sudden braking or acceleration.

4. To withstand the stresses caused due to the bad road condition.

5. To withstand centrifugal force while cornering.

Subject Name Automobile Engineering
Subject Code ME6602
Regulation 2013
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