UG syllabus R 2013

ME6501 Computer Aided Design Syllabus Regulation 2013 Anna University

ME6501 Computer Aided Design Syllabus 

ME6501 Computer Aided Design Syllabus Regulation 2013 Anna University free download. Computer Aided Design ME6501 Syllabus pdf free download.

OBJECTIVES ME6501 Computer Aided Design Syllabus:

• To provide an overview of how computers are being used in mechanical component design


Product cycle- Design process- sequential and concurrent engineering- Computer aided design – CAD system architecture- Computer graphics – co-ordinate systems- 2D and 3D transformationshomogeneous coordinates – Line drawing -Clipping- viewing transformation

UNIT II GEOMETRIC MODELING ME6501 Syllabus Computer Aided Design 

Representation of curves- Hermite curve- Bezier curve- B-spline curves-rational curves- Techniques for surface modeling – surface patch- Coons and bicubic patches- Bezier and Bspline surfaces. Solid modeling techniques- CSG and B-rep

UNIT III VISUAL REALISM ME6501 Computer Aided Design Syllabus

Hidden – Line-Surface-Solid removal algorithms – shading – colouring – computer animation.

UNIT IV ASSEMBLY OF PARTS ME6501 Syllabus Computer Aided Design 

Assembly modelling – interferences of positions and orientation – tolerance analysismassproperty calculations – mechanism simulation and interference checking.

UNIT V CAD STANDARDS ME6501 Computer Aided Design Syllabus

Standards for computer graphics- Graphical Kernel System (GKS) – standards for
exchangeimages- Open Graphics Library (OpenGL) – Data exchange standards – IGES, STEP, CALSetc. – communication standards.

OUTCOMES ME6501 Syllabus Computer Aided Design :

• Upon completion of this course, the students can able to use computer and CAD software’s formodeling of mechanical components

TEXT BOOKS ME6501 Syllabus Computer Aided Design :

1. Ibrahim Zeid “Mastering CAD CAM” Tata McGraw-Hill Publishing Co.2007

REFERENCES ME6501 Computer Aided Design Syllabus:

1. Chris McMahon and Jimmie Browne “CAD/CAM Principles”, “Practice and Manufacturing management “ Second Edition, Pearson Education, 1999.

2. William M Neumann and Robert F.Sproul “Principles of Computer Graphics”, McGraw Hill Book Co. Singapore, 1989.

3. Donald Hearn and M. Pauline Baker “Computer Graphics”’. Prentice Hall, Inc, 1992.

4. Foley, Wan Dam, Feiner and Hughes – “Computer graphics principles & practice” Pearson Education – 2003.

Subject Name Computer Aided Design
Subject code ME6501
Regulation 2013

ME6501 Computer Aided Design Syllabus Click here to download

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