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ME6501 Computer Aided Design Important questions Regulation 2013 Anna University

ME6501 Computer Aided Design Important questions

ME6501 Computer Aided Design Important questions Regulation 2013 Anna University free download. Computer Aided Design ME6501 Important questions pdf free download.

Sample ME6501 Computer Aided Design Important questions:

1.Define the term Product Cycle.

In the conventional product cycle,after the design of product , the part drawing are released for production.The production department then takes appropriate actions for the manufacture of the product. It is called product cycle.

2.What is design process ?

The design is the act of devising an original solution to a problem by a combination of principles,resources and product in design.The design process is the pattern of activities that is followed by the designer in arriving at the solution of technological problem.

(ME6501 Computer Aided Design Important questions)

3.What are the types of models of the design process ?

Shigley model
Paul and Beitz model
Ohsuga model
Earle model

4.What are the step involved in Shigley model ?

Recognition of need
Definition of problem
Analysis and optimization

(ME6501 Computer Aided Design Important questions)

5. What are the four main phases of Phal and Beitz model?

Clarification of the task
Conceptual design
Embodiment design
Detail design

6.What are the six steps proposed by Earle for the design process?

Problem Identification
Preliminary Ideas
Problem refinement

(ME6501 Computer Aided Design Important questions)

7.What are the data’s needs to get for problem identification?

Fixed data
Opinion surveys
Historical records
Personal observation
Experimental data

8.What is Sequential Engineering?

Sequential Engineering is also called as “across the wall” method. Each segment of the product development team complete their tasks in isolation and passes over the documents to the next segment.There is no interaction among the product development groups.

(ME6501 Computer Aided Design Important questions)

9. What is Concurrent Engineering ?

Concurrent Engineering is also called as parallel engineering . Concurrent Engineering is an approach used in product development in which the function of design engineering, manufacturing engineering and other function are integrated to reduce the time required to bring a new product to the market.

10.Define CAD.

CAD is defined the use of digital computer for creation, modification, analysis and optimization of design.

(ME6501 Computer Aided Design Important questions)

Subject Name Computer Aided Design
Subject code ME6501
Regulation 2013

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