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ME6501 Computer Aided Design Notes Regulation 2013 Anna University

ME6501 Computer Aided Design Notes

ME6501 Computer Aided Design Notes Regulation 2013 Anna University free download. Computer Aided Design ME6501 Notes pdf free download.

Product Cycle Model ME6501 Computer Aided Design Notes:

Step 1: Conceive Imagine, Specify, Plan, Innovate The first step is the definition of the product requirements based on company, market and customer.

From this requirement, the product’s technical data can be defined. In parallel, the early concept design work is performed defining the product with its main functional features.

Various media are utilized for these processes, from paper and pencil to clay mock-up to 3D Computer Aided Industrial Design.

(ME6501 Computer Aided Design Notes)

Step 2: Design Describe, Define, Develop, Test, Analyze and Validate
This is where the completed design and development of the product begins, succeeding to prototype testing, through pilot release to final product. It can also involve redesign and ramp for improvement to existing products as well as planned obsolescence.

The main tool used for design and development is CAD. This can be simple 2D drawing / drafting or 3D parametric feature based solid/surface modeling.

This step covers many engineering disciplines including: electronic, electrical, mechanical, and civil. Besides the actual making of geometry there is the analysis of the components and assemblies.

Optimization, Validation and Simulation activities are carried out using Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) software.

(ME6501 Computer Aided Design Notes)

These are used to perform various tasks such as: Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD);Finite Element Analysis (FEA); and Mechanical Event Simulation (MES).

Computer Aided Quality (CAQ) is used for activities such as Dimensional tolerance analysis.

One more task carried out at this step is the sourcing of bought out components with the aid of procurement process.

(ME6501 Computer Aided Design Notes)

Subject Name Computer Aided Design
Subject code ME6501
Regulation 2013

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