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ME3592 Metrology and Measurements [PDF]

ME3592 Metrology and Measurements Study Materials

Anna University – ME3592 Metrology and Measurements Regulation 2021 Syllabus , Notes , Important Questions, Question Paper with Answers Previous Year Question Paper.

UNIT – I BASICS OF METROLOGY ME3592 Metrology and Measurements Syllabus

Measurement – Need, Process, Role in quality control; Factors affecting measurement – SWIPE; Errors
in Measurements – Types – Control – Measurement uncertainty – Types, Estimation, Problems on
Estimation of Uncertainty, Statistical analysis of measurement data, Measurement system analysis,
Calibration of measuring instruments, Principle of air gauging- ISO standards.


Linear Measuring Instruments – Vernier caliper, Micrometer, Vernier height gauge, Depth Micrometer,
Bore gauge, Telescoping gauge; Gauge blocks – Use and precautions, Comparators – Working and
advantages; Opto-mechanical measurements using measuring microscope and Profile projector – Angular
measuring instruments – Bevel protractor, Clinometer, Angle gauges, Precision level, Sine bar,
Autocollimator, Angle dekkor, Alignment telescope. Measurement of Screw threads – Single element
measurements – Pitch Diameter, Lead, Pitch. Measurement of Gears – purpose – Analytical
measurement – Runout, Pitch variation, Tooth profile, Tooth thickness, Lead – Functional checking –
Rolling gear test.

UNIT – III TOLERANCE ANALYSIS ME3592 Metrology and Measurements Important Questions

Tolerancing– Interchangeability, Selective assembly, Tolerance representation, Terminology, Limits and
Fits, Problems (using tables IS919); Design of Limit gauges, Problems. Tolerance analysis in
manufacturing, Process capability, tolerance stackup, tolerance charting.

UNIT – IV METROLOGY OF SURFACES ME3592 Metrology and Measurements Question Bank

Fundamentals of GD & T- Conventional vs Geometric tolerance, Datums, Inspection of geometric
deviations like straightness, flatness, roundness deviations; Simple problems – Measurement of Surface
finish – Functionality of surfaces, Parameters, Comparative, Stylus based and Optical Measurement
techniques, Filters, Introduction to 3D surface metrology- Parameters.

UNIT – V ADVANCES IN METROLOGY ME3592 Metrology and Measurements Question Paper

Lasers in metrology – Advantages of lasers – Laser scan micrometers; Laser interferometers –
Applications – Straightness, Alignment; Ball bar tests, Computer Aided Metrology – Basic concept of CMM
– Types of CMM – Constructional features – Probes – Accessories – Software – Applications – Multisensor CMMs.
Machine Vision – Basic concepts of Machine Vision System – Elements – Applications – On-line and inprocess monitoring in production – Computed tomography – White light Scanners.

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