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IC8451 Question Bank Control Systems Regulation 2017 Anna University

IC8451 Question Bank Control Systems

IC8451 Question Bank Control Systems Regulation 2017 Anna University free download. Control Systems Question Bank IC8451 pdf free download.

Sample IC8451 Question Bank Control Systems

1. List the advantages of closed loop system over open loop system. BTL 1 Remembering
2. Define the terms (i) Physical Model (ii) Mathematical Model. BTL 1 Remembering IC8451 Question Bank Control Systems
3. What are the basic elements in control systems? BTL 1 Remembering
4. Define transfer function. Give an example for it. BTL 1 Remembering
5. What are the basic elements used for modeling mechanical translational
BTL 1 Remembering
6. List the basic elements for modeling in mechanical rotational system. BTL 1 Remembering IC8451 Question Bank Control Systems
7. Distinguish the terms sink and source. BTL 2 Understanding
8. Discuss any 2- applications of synchro. BTL 2 Understanding
9. Describe the characteristics of negative feedback in control systems. BTL 2 Understanding
10. Discuss the terms (i) Signal Flow Graph (ii) Non-touching loop. BTL 2 Understanding
11. Illustrate the terms (i) Block Diagram Reduction (ii) Mason;s Signal Flow
Graph Method. IC8451 Question Bank Control Systems
BTL 3 Applying
12. Draw the electrical analog of a thermometer with neat diagram. BTL 3 Applying
13. Illustrate the terms (i) Path (ii) Forward Path (iii) Loop (iv) Non-touching
BTL 3 Applying
14. Compare Signal Flow Graph approach with block diagram reduction
technique of determining transfer function.
BTL 4 Analyzing IC8451 Question Bank Control Systems
15. Define open loop and closed loop system. BTL 4 Analyzing
16. Analyze the need of electrical zero position of a synchro transmitter. BTL 4 Analyzing
17. Explain the aligned position of a Synchro transmitter and synchro receiver. BTL 5 Evaluating
18. Can we use servomotor for position control? Support the answer with
necessary details.
BTL 5 Evaluating IC8451 Question Bank Control Systems
19. Create the expression for Masons gain formula to find the system transfer

Subject name Control Systems
Short Name CS
Semester 4
Subject Code IC8451
Regulation 2017 regulation

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