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IC8451 Notes Control Systems Regulation 2017 Anna University

IC8451 Notes Control Systems

IC8451 Notes Control Systems Regulation 2017 Anna University free download. Control Systems Notes IC8451 pdf free download.

COURSE OBJECTIVES IC8451 Notes Control Systems

 To understand the use of transfer function models for analysis physical systems and introduce the control system components.

 To provide adequate knowledge in the time response of systems and steady state error analysis. (IC8451 Notes Control Systems)

 To accord basic knowledge in obtaining the open loop and closed–loop frequency responses of systems.

 To introduce stability analysis and design of compensators

 To introduce state variable representation of physical systems

COURSE OUTCOMES IC8451 Notes Control Systems

At the end of the course, the student should have the :

 Ability to develop various representations of system based on the knowledge of
Mathematics, Science and Engineering fundamentals.

 Ability to do time domain and frequency domain analysis of various models of linear system. (IC8451 Notes Control Systems CS)

 Ability to interpret characteristics of the system to develop mathematical model.

 Ability to design appropriate compensator for the given specifications.

 Ability to come out with solution for complex control problem.

 Ability to understand use of PID controller in closed loop system.

TEXT BOOKS IC8451 Notes Control Systems

1. Nagarath, I.J. and Gopal, M., “Control Systems Engineering”, New Age International Publishers, 2017.

2. Benjamin C. Kuo, “Automatic Control Systems”, Wiley, 2014.

REFERENCES IC8451 Notes Control Systems

1. Katsuhiko Ogata, “Modern Control Engineering”, Pearson, 2015.

2. Richard C.Dorf and Bishop, R.H., “Modern Control Systems”, Pearson Education,2009. (IC8451 Notes Control Systems CS)

3. John J.D., Azzo Constantine, H. and Houpis Sttuart, N Sheldon, “Linear Control System Analysis and Design with MATLAB”, CRC Taylor& Francis Reprint 2009.

4. Rames C.Panda and T. Thyagarajan, “An Introduction to Process Modelling
Identification and Control of Engineers”, Narosa Publishing House, 2017.

5. M.Gopal, “Control System: Principle and design”, McGraw Hill Education, 2012.

6. NPTEL Video Lecture Notes on “Control Engineering “by Prof. S. D. Agashe, IIT Bombay.

Subject name Control Systems
Short Name CS
Semester 4
Subject Code IC8451
Regulation 2017 regulation

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