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IC8451 Important Questions Control Systems Regulation 2017 Anna University

IC8451 Important Questions Control Systems

IC8451 Important Questions Control Systems Regulation 2017 Anna University free download. Control Systems Important Questions IC8451 pdf free download.

Sample IC8451 Important Questions Control Systems:

1. Specify the time domain Specification? (NOV/DEC 2016, MAY/JUNE 2016)
The time domain specifications are:
 Delay time.
 Rise time.
 Settling time.
 Maximum over shoot.
 Peak time.

2. What is meant by steady state error? (NOV/DEC 2016, NOV/DEC 2015)
The difference between the desired output and the actual output of the system is called steady state error, which is indicates the accuracy and plays an important role in designing the system. IC8451 Important Questions Control Systems

3. What is dominant pole? (NOV/DEC 2016, NOV/DEC 2015, MAY/JUNE 2015)
The dominant pole is a pair of complex conjugate pole which decides the transient response of the system. In higher order systems the dominant poles are very close to origin and all other poles of the system are widely separated and so they have less effect on transient response of the system.

4. List the Standard test signal used in time domain analysis. (MAY/JUNE 2016, MAY/JUNE 2014, NOV/DEC 2015)
The standard test signals employed for time domain studies are
i. Step signal,
ii. Ramp signal,
iii. Parabolic signal and
iv. Impulse signal. IC8451 Important Questions Control Systems

5. State the effect of PI Compensation in system performance. (MAY/JUNE 2016)
The PI controller is increases the order of the system by one, which results in
reducing the steady state error. But the system becomes less stable than the original system.

6. How will you find the root locus on real axis? (MAY/JUNE 2016)
To find the root locus on real axis, choose a test point on the real axis. If the total number of poles and zeros on the real axis to the right of this test point is odd number, then the test point lies on the root locus. If it is even number means, then the test point does not lie on the root locus. IC8451 Important Questions Control Systems

Subject name Control Systems
Short Name CS
Semester 4
Subject Code IC8451
Regulation 2017 regulation

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