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IC6501 Control Systems Question Bank Regulation 2013 Anna university

IC6501 Control Systems Question Bank

IC6501 Control Systems Question Bank Regulation 2013 Anna university free download. IC6501 Question Bank Control Systems pdf free download.

Sample IC6501 Control Systems Question Bank:

1. Specify the time domain Specification? (NOV/DEC 2016, MAY/JUNE 2016)

2. What is meant by steady state error? (NOV/DEC 2016, NOV/DEC 2015)

3. What is dominant pole? (NOV/DEC 2016, NOV/DEC 2015, MAY/JUNE 2015)

4. List the Standard test signal used in time domain analysis. (MAY/JUNE 2016, MAY/JUNE 2014, NOV/DEC 2015) IC6501 Control Systems Question Bank

5. State the effect of PI Compensation in system performance. (MAY/JUNE 2016)

6. How will you find the root locus on real axis? (MAY/JUNE 2016)

7. How do you find the type of the system? (MAY/JUNE 2015)

8. Find the unit impulse response of the system H(s) = 5s/(s+2) with zero initial conditions. (MAY/JUNE 2015)

9. For the system described by find the nature of the time response? (NOV/DEC
2015) IC6501 Control Systems Question Bank

10. Why is the derivative control not used in control system? (NOV/DEC 2015)

11. Give the relation between static and dynamic error coefficents. (NOV/DEC 2016)

12. State the basic properties of root locus. (NOV/DEC 2016)

13. What is type and order of the system? (NOV/DEC 2014, MAY/JUNE 2015)

14. What are the advantages of generalized error series? (NOV/DEC 2014)

15. Give the transfer function of the PID Controller. (NOV/DEC 2013) IC6501 Control Systems Question Bank

16. What is the condition for the system to have a circle in root locus? (NOV/DEC

17. State the effect of PD Compensation in system performance. (MAY/JUNE 2014)

18. What is the value of K at any given point in root locus? (MAY/JUNE 2015, NOV/DEC 2010)

19. What do you mean by peak over shoot? (NOV/DEC 2010) IC6501 Control Systems Question Bank

20. Define settling time. (MAY/JUNE 2010)

21. Differentiate between steady state and transient response of the system? (MAY/JUNE 2010)

22. What is the effect of system performance when a proportional controller is introduced in a system? (MAY/JUNE 2015)

23. What is type and order of the given system ? (NOV/DEC 2014)

24. Define Rise time. IC6501 Control Systems Question Bank

25. Define peak time.

Subject Name Control Systems
Subject Code IC6501
Regulation 2013
File PDF

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