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HIGHWAY ENGINEERING Important questions CE6504 Regulation 2013 Anna University

HIGHWAY ENGINEERING Important questions CE6504

HIGHWAY ENGINEERING Important questions CE6504 Regulation 2013 Anna University free pdf. CE6504 Important questions download free pdf.

Sample HIGHWAY ENGINEERING Important questions CE6504:

1) Define Pavement?

The Pavement consisting of a few layers of Pavement material is constructed over a prepared soil sub grade to serve as a carriageway. One of the objectives of a designed Pavement is to keep this elastic deformation of the Pavement within the Permissible limits.

2) What are the types of Pavement Structure?

Based on the structural behaviour, Pavements are generally classified in to two categories.
i) Flexible Pavements.
ii) Rigid Pavements.

3) What is mean by Flexible Pavements?

Flexible Pavements are those, which on the whole have low or negligible flextural strength and are rather flexible in their structural action under the loads. The Flexible Pavements layers reflect the deformation of the lower layers on to the surface of the layer.

4) What are the components in Flexible Pavements?

A typical flexile pavement consists of four components
i) Soil sub grade
ii) Sub base course
iii) Base course
iv) Surface course

5) Define rigid pavement.

Rigid pavements are those, which possess note worthy flexural strength or flexural rigidity. The stresses are not transferred from grain to the lower layers as in the ease of flexible pavement layers. The rigid pavements are made of Portland cement concrete either plan, reinforced or prestressed concrete.

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