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GE8292 Important Questions ENGINEERING MECHANICS EM Regulation 2017 Anna University 

GE8292 Important Questions ENGINEERING MECHANICS EM 

Ge8292 Important Questions Engineering mechanics EM Regulation 2017 Anna University free download. Engineering mechanics Important Questions EM Ge8292 pdf free download.

Sample GE8292 Important Questions ENGINEERING MECHANICS EM

1. Resolve the 100N force acting 30° to horizontal into two
components, one along horizontal and other along 120° to
horizontal BT-6 Creating

2. State the Second Law of Newton. BT-1 Remembering

3. Write the equations of equilibrium of a coplanar system of forces. BT-1 Remembering (Ge8292 Important Questions Engineering mechanics)

4. State Lami’s theorem with a neat sketch? BT-1 Remembering

5. State the Parallelogram law of forces? BT-1 Remembering

6. State the triangular law of forces? BT-1 Remembering

7. Define principle of transmissibility. BT-1 Remembering

8. Distinguish the following system of forces with a suitable sketch.
a) Coplanar b) Collinear. BT-2 Understanding (Ge8292 Important Questions Engineering mechanics)

9. Find the resultant of Concurrent forces F̄ 1 = 2i+3j-4k ,
F̄2 = 5i-4j+6k & F̄ 3 = -2i+3j-2k.
BT-2 Understanding

10. What differences exist between Kinetics and Kinematics. BT-2 Understanding

11. State the Gravitational Law of Newton. BT-2 Understanding

12. Solve the following: A force vector F= 700i + 1500j is applied to a
bolt. Determine the magnitude of the force and angle it forms with
the horizontal. BT-3 Applying (Ge8292 Important Questions Engineering mechanics)

13. Solve the following: A force of magnitude 50 KN is acting along
the line joining A (2,0,6) and B (3,-2,0)m. Write the vector form of the force.
BT-3 Applying

14. Solve the following: Two forces of magnitude 50 KN and 80 KN
are acting on a particle, such that the angle between the two is
135°. If both the force are acting away from the particle, calculate the resultant and find its direction. (Ge8292 Important Questions Engineering mechanics)

15. Compare ‘Resultant’ and ‘Equilibrant’ BT-4 Analysing

16. Compare and contrast between particle and rigid body BT-4 Analysing

17. State the Polygon Law of forces. BT-4 Analysing

18. Find the resultant and direction of Force F̄ = 3i-4j. BT-5 Evaluating

19. Imagine if the resultant of an 800N force acting towards eastern direction and a 500N force acting towards north eastern direction BT-5 Evaluating (Ge8292 Important Questions Engineering mechanics)

20. A force of 500N forms angle 60°,45° & 120° respectively x, y, z
axes. Write the force in vector form.

Semester 2
Regulation 2017 regulation

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