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GE8292 Notes Engineering mechanics EM Notes for regulation 2017 Anna University

GE8292 Notes Engineering mechanics

GE8292 Notes Engineering mechanics EM Notes for regulation 2017 Anna University pdf free download. Engineering mechanics Notes EM Anna University pdf free download.

OBJECTIVES: GE8292 Notes Engineering mechanics

 To develop capacity to predict the effect of force and motion in the course of carrying out the design functions of engineering.

OUTCOMES: GE8292 Notes Engineering mechanics

On successful completion of this course, the student will be able to

 illustrate the vectorial and scalar representation of forces and moments

 analyse the rigid body in equilibrium

 evaluate the properties of surfaces and solids

 calculate dynamic forces exerted in rigid body

 determine the friction and the effects by the laws of friction

TEXT BOOKS: GE8292 Notes Engineering mechanics

1. Beer, F.P and Johnston Jr. E.R., “Vector Mechanics for Engineers (In SI Units): Statics and Dynamics”, 8th Edition, Tata McGraw-Hill Publishing company, New Delhi (2004).

2. Vela Murali, “Engineering Mechanics”, Oxford University Press (2010)

REFERENCES: GE8292 Notes Engineering mechanics

1. Bhavikatti, S.S and Rajashekarappa, K.G., “Engineering Mechanics”, New Age
International (P) Limited Publishers, 1998.

2. Hibbeller, R.C and Ashok Gupta, “Engineering Mechanics: Statics and Dynamics”, 11th Edition, Pearson Education 2010.

3. Irving H. Shames and Krishna Mohana Rao. G., “Engineering Mechanics – Statics and Dynamics”, 4th Edition, Pearson Education 2006.

4. Meriam J.L. and Kraige L.G., “ Engineering Mechanics- Statics – Volume 1, Dynamics- Volume 2”, Third Edition, John Wiley & Sons,1993.

5. Rajasekaran S and Sankarasubramanian G., “Engineering Mechanics Statics and Dynamics”, 3rd Edition, Vikas Publishing House Pvt. Ltd., 2005.

Semester 2
Regulation 2017 regulation
Subject Code GE8292

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