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GE3252 Tamils and Technology [PDF]

GE3252 Tamils and Technology Study Materials

Anna University – GE3252 Tamils and Technology / தமிழரும் தொழில்நுட்பமும் Regulation 2021 Syllabus , Notes , Important Questions, Question Paper with Answers Previous Year Question Paper.

UNIT I WEAVING AND CERAMIC TECHNOLOGY GE3252 Tamils and Technology Syllabus

Weaving Industry during Sangam Age – Ceramic technology – Black and Red Ware Potteries
(BRW) – Graffiti on Potteries.


Designing and Structural construction House & Designs in household materials during Sangam
Age – Building materials and Hero stones of Sangam age – Details of Stage Constructions in
Silappathikaram – Sculptures and Temples of Mamallapuram – Great Temples of Cholas and
other worship places – Temples of Nayaka Period – Type study (Madurai Meenakshi Temple)-
Thirumalai Nayakar Mahal – Chetti Nadu Houses, Indo – Saracenic architecture at Madras during
British Period.

UNIT III MANUFACTURING TECHNOLOGY GE3252 Tamils and Technology Important Questions

Art of Ship Building – Metallurgical studies – Iron industry – Iron smelting,steel -Copper and goldCoins as source of history – Minting of Coins – Beads making-industries Stone beads -Glass
beads – Terracotta beads -Shell beads/ bone beats – Archeological evidences – Gem stone types
described in Silappathikaram.


Dam, Tank, ponds, Sluice, Significance of Kumizhi Thoompu of Chola Period, Animal Husbandry
– Wells designed for cattle use – Agriculture and Agro Processing – Knowledge of Sea – Fisheries
– Pearl – Conche diving – Ancient Knowledge of Ocean – Knowledge Specific Society.

UNIT V SCIENTIFIC TAMIL & TAMIL COMPUTING GE3252 Tamils and Technology Question Paper

Development of Scientific Tamil – Tamil computing – Digitalization of Tamil Books – Development
of Tamil Software – Tamil Virtual Academy – Tamil Digital Library – Online Tamil Dictionaries –
Sorkuvai Project.

TEXT-CUM-REFERENCE BOOKS GE3252 Tamils and Technology Notes

1. தமிழக வரலொறு – மக்களும் பண் பொடும் – கக.கக. பிள்ளள (தவளியீடு:
தமிழ்நொடு பொடநூல் மற்றும்
கல்வியியல் பணிகள் கழகம்).
2. கணினித்தமிழ் – முளனவர்இல. சுந்தரம். (விகடன் பிரசுரம்).
3. கீழடி – ளவளக நதிக்களரயில் சங்ககொல நகர நொகரிகம் (ததொல்லியல் துளற
4. தபொருளந – ஆற்றங்களர நொகரிகம். (ததொல்லியல் துளற தவளியீடு)
5. Social Life of Tamils (Dr.K.K.Pillay) A joint publication of TNTB & ESC and RMRL – (in print)

6. Social Life of the Tamils – The Classical Period (Dr.S.Singaravelu) (Published by:
International Institute of Tamil Studies.
7. Historical Heritage of the Tamils (Dr.S.V.Subatamanian, Dr.K.D. Thirunavukkarasu)
(Published by: International Institute of Tamil Studies).
8. The Contributions of the Tamils to Indian Culture (Dr.M.Valarmathi) (Published by:
International Institute of Tamil Studies.)
9. Keeladi – ‘Sangam City C ivilization on the banks of river Vaigai’ (Jointly Published by:
Department ofArchaeology & Tamil Nadu Text Book and Educational Services Corporation,
Tamil Nadu)
10. Studies in the History of India with Special Reference to Tamil Nadu (Dr.K.K.Pillay)
(Publishedby: The Author)
11. Porunai Civilization (Jointly Published by: Department of Archaeology & Tamil Nadu Text
Bookand Educational Services Corporation, Tamil Nadu)
12. Journey of Civilization Indus to Vaigai (R.Balakrishnan) (Published by: RMRL) – Reference

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