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EC8252 Electronic Devices Question Paper Regulation 2017 Anna University

EC8252 Electronic Devices Questions Paper

EC8252 Electronic Devices Question Paper Regulation 2017 Anna University free download. Electronic Devices ED EE8252 Question Paper pdf free download.

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Why an ordinary transistor is called bipolar?
The operation of the transistor depends on both majority and minority carriers. So it is called bipolar device.

Collector region of transistor is larger than emitter. Why? EC8252 Electronic Devices Question Paper
Collector is made physically larger than emitter and base because collector is to dissipate much power.

Why is BJT is called current controlled device?
The output voltage, current, or power is controlled by the input current in a transistor. So it is called the current controlled device. EC8252 Electronic Devices Question Paper

Among CE, CB, CC which one is most popular. Why?
CE is most popular among the three because it has high gain compared to base and collector configuration. It has the gain about to 500 that finds excellent usage in audio frequency applications.

Define current amplification factor EC8252 Electronic Devices Question Paper
In a transistor amplifier with a.c. input signal, the ratio of change in output current to be the change in input current is known as the current amplification factor.

Why it is called field effect transistor?
The drain current ID of the transistor is controlled by the electric field that extends into the channel due to reverse biased voltage applied to the gate, hence this device has been given the name Field Effect Transistor.

Define Early Effect. EC8252 Electronic Devices Question Paper
A variation of the base-collector voltage results in a variation of the quasi-neutral width in the base. The gradient of the minority-carrier density in the base therefore changes, yielding an increased collector current as the collector-base current is increased. This effect is referred to as the Early effect. EC8252 Electronic Devices Question Paper

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