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EC8252 Electronic Devices Question Bank Regulation 2017 Anna University

EC8252 Electronic Devices Questions Bank

EC8252 Electronic Devices Question Bank Regulation 2017 Anna University free download. Electronic Devices ED EE8252 Question Bank pdf free download.

Sample EC8252 ELECTRONIC DEVICES Question Bank

1.Explain the drift and diffusion currents for PN diode. (8)
2.derive the quantitative theory of PN diode currents. (16)
3.Give diode current equation (6)
4.Explain the operation of PN junction under forward bias condition with its characteristics. (10)
5.Explain the operation of PN junction under reverse bias condition with its characteristics. (10)
6.Explain details about the switching characteristics on PN diode with neat Sketch. (12) EC8252 ELECTRONIC DEVICES Question Bank
1. Intrinsic semiconductor 2. Extrinsic semiconductor.
2.Differentiate between intrinsic and extrinsic semiconductor
Pure form of semiconductors are said to be intrinsic semiconductor.
Ex: germanium, silicon.
It has poor conductivity
If certain amount of impurity atom is added to intrinsic semiconductor the resulting
semiconductor is Extrinsic or impure Semiconductor
It has good conductivity.
3.Define drift current? EC8252 ELECTRONIC DEVICES Question Bank
When an electric field is applied across the semiconductor, the holes move towards the
negative terminal of the battery and electron move towards the positive terminal of the battery.
This drift movement of charge carriers will result in a current termed as drift current.
4.Give the expression for drift current density
Drift current density due to electrons
Jn = q n μnE
Jn – drift current density due to electron
q- Charge of electron

5.Define the term diffusion current?
A concentration gradient exists, if the number of either electrons or holes is greater in one
region of a semiconductor as compared to the rest of the region. The holes and electron EC8252 ELECTRONIC DEVICES Question Bank
18.Write the application of pn diode
 Can be used as rectifier in DC Power Supplies.
 In Demodulation or Detector Circuits.
 In clamping networks used as DC Restorers
 In clipping circuits used for waveform generation.
 As switches in digital logic circuits.
 In demodulation circuits

Semester 2
Regulation 2017 REGULATION
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