Syllabus UG syllabus R-2017

CS8603 Syllabus Distributed Systems Regulation 2017 Anna University

CS8603 Syllabus Distributed Systems

CS8603 Syllabus Distributed Systems Regulation 2017 Anna University free download. Distributed Systems Syllabus CS8603 pdf free download.

UNIT I INTRODUCTION 9 CS8603 Syllabus Distributed Systems

Introduction: Definition –Relation to computer system components –Motivation –Relation to parallel systems – Message-passing systems versus shared memory systems –Primitives for distributed communication –Synchronous versus asynchronous executions –Design issues and challenges. A model of distributed computations: A distributed program –A model of distributed executions –Models of communication networks –Global state – Cuts –Past and future cones of an event –Models of process communications. Logical Time: A framework for a system of logical clocks –Scalar time –Vector time – Physical clock synchronization: NTP.

UNIT II MESSAGE ORDERING & SNAPSHOTS CS8603 Syllabus Distributed Systems

Message ordering and group communication: Message ordering paradigms –Asynchronous execution with synchronous communication –Synchronous program order on an asynchronous system –Group communication – Causal order (CO) – Total order. Global state and snapshot recording algorithms: Introduction –System model and definitions –Snapshot algorithms for FIFO channels

UNIT III DISTRIBUTED MUTEX & DEADLOCK CS8603 Syllabus Distributed Systems

Distributed mutual exclusion algorithms: Introduction – Preliminaries – Lamport‘s algorithm – Ricart-Agrawala algorithm – Maekawa‘s algorithm – Suzuki–Kasami‘s broadcast algorithm. Deadlock detection in distributed systems: Introduction – System model – Preliminaries – Models of deadlocks – Knapp‘s classification – Algorithms for the single resource model, the AND model and the OR model.

UNIT IV RECOVERY & CONSENSUS CS8603 Syllabus Distributed Systems

Checkpointing and rollback recovery: Introduction – Background and definitions – Issues in failure recovery – Checkpoint-based recovery – Log-based rollback recovery – Coordinated checkpointing algorithm – Algorithm for asynchronous checkpointing and recovery. Consensus and agreement algorithms: Problem definition – Overview of results – Agreement in a failure –
free system – Agreement in synchronous systems with failures.

UNIT V P2P & DISTRIBUTED SHARED MEMORY 9 CS8603 Syllabus Distributed Systems

Peer-to-peer computing and overlay graphs: Introduction – Data indexing and overlays – Chord – Content addressable networks – Tapestry. Distributed shared memory: Abstraction and advantages – Memory consistency models –Shared memory Mutual Exclusion.

Subject name Distributed Systems
Short Name DS
Semester 6
Subject Code CS8603
Regulation 2017 regulation

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