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CS8602 Notes Compiler Design Regulation 2017 Anna University

CS8602 Notes Compiler Design

CS8602 Notes Compiler Design Regulation 2017 Anna University free download. Compiler Design Notes CS8602 pdf free download.

OBJECTIVES: CS8602 Notes Compiler Design

 To learn the various phases of compiler.
 To learn the various parsing techniques.
 To understand intermediate code generation and run-time environment.
 To learn to implement front-end of the compiler.
 To learn to implement code generator.

OUTCOMES: CS8602 Notes Compiler Design

On Completion of the course, the students should be able to:
 Understand the different phases of compiler.
 Design a lexical analyzer for a sample language.
 Apply different parsing algorithms to develop the parsers for a given grammar.
 Understand syntax-directed translation and run-time environment.
 Learn to implement code optimization techniques and a simple code generator.
 Design and implement a scanner and a parser using LEX and YACC tools.

TEXT BOOK: CS8602 Notes Compiler Design

1. Alfred V. Aho, Monica S. Lam, Ravi Sethi, Jeffrey D. Ullman, Compilers: Principles, Techniques and Tools‖, Second Edition, Pearson Education, 2009.

REFERENCES CS8602 Notes Compiler Design

1. Randy Allen, Ken Kennedy, Optimizing Compilers for Modern Architectures: A Dependence based Approach, Morgan Kaufmann Publishers, 2002.
2. Steven S. Muchnick, Advanced Compiler Design and Implementation‖, Morgan Kaufmann Publishers – Elsevier Science, India, Indian Reprint 2003.
3. Keith D Cooper and Linda Torczon, Engineering a Compiler‖, Morgan Kaufmann Publishers Elsevier Science, 2004.
4. V. Raghavan, Principles of Compiler Design‖, Tata McGraw Hill Education Publishers, 2010.
5. Allen I. Holub, Compiler Design in C‖, Prentice-Hall Software Series, 1993.

Subject name Compiler Design
Short Name CD
Semester 6
Subject Code CS8602
Regulation 2017 regulation

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