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CS8391 Important Questions Data Structures Regulation 2017 Anna University

CS8391 Important Questions Data Structures

CS8391 Important Questions Data Structures Regulation 2017 Anna University free download. Data Structures Important Questions CS8391 pdf free download.

Sample CS8391 Important Questions Data Structures:

1.What is called as a Data Structure?
A Data Structure defines a way of representing or organizing all data that contains both the data items and their relationship with each other.
2.Differentiate between data type and data structures. CS8391 Important Questions Data Structures
Data Type: Data Type of a variable is a set of values the variable may assume.
Eg. int, char & real
Data Structures: Data structure mean the way of organizing data values with the help of existing data types.
Eg. Array, stack queue, & tree. CS8391 Important Questions Data Structures
3.What are Primary Data Structures?
 Integers
 Floating-point numbers.
 Character Constants
4.What are the types of Secondary Data Structures?
 Static Data structures
 Dynamic Data structures.
5.What are the static data structures?
 Arrays
 Structures
6.What are the types of dynamic data structures?
 Linear Data Structures
 Non-Linear Data Structures. CS8391 Important Questions Data Structures
7.Give examples of Linear and Non-Linear Data Structures.
 Linear Data Structures
i) Linked Lists(Singly & Doubly Linked Lists)
ii) Circular Linked Lists(Circular-singly&Circular-doubly Linked Lists).
 Non-Linear Data Structures
i) Trees
ii) Graphs.

9.List the operation of set ADT?
Union and Find are the two operations on set ADT
10. Give some applications of stack.
 Evaluation of Expressions.
 Expression conversion.
 Balancing of symbols.
Function Calls.
11. Define Dequeue.
A dequeue is an ordered list in which additions and deletions may be carried out at either end. CS8391 Important Questions Data Structures
12.State the difference between cursor and pointers.
Pointer: Pointer is a variable, which stores the address of another variable.
Using pointers, memory can be allocated dynamically.
Cursor: Cursor is a temporary memory space. Memory allocated is static.
13.What is an ordered list
An ordered list is a linear list which is been ordered by some key.
Eg. An alphabetized list of students in a class, a list of exam scores in decreasing order. CS8391 Important Questions Data Structures

Subject name Data Structures
Semester 3
Subject Code CS8391
Regulation 2017 regulation

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