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CS8391 Notes Data Structures Regulation 2017 Anna University

CS8391 Notes Data Structures

CS8391 Notes Data Structures Regulation 2017 Anna University free download. Data Structures Notes CS8391 pdf free download.

OBJECTIVES: CS8391 Notes Data Structures

 To understand the concepts of ADTs
 To Learn linear data structures – lists, stacks, and queues
 To understand sorting, searching and hashing algorithms
 To apply Tree and Graph structures

OUTCOMES: CS8391 Notes Data Structures

At the end of the course, the student should be able to:
 Implement abstract data types for linear data structures.
 Apply the different linear and non-linear data structures to problem solutions.
 Critically analyze the various sorting algorithms.

TEXT BOOKS: CS8391 Notes Data Structures

1. Mark Allen Weiss, “Data Structures and Algorithm Analysis in C”, 2nd Edition, Pearson Education,1997.

2. Reema Thareja, “Data Structures Using C”, Second Edition , Oxford University Press, 2011

REFERENCES: CS8391 Data Structures Notes

1. Thomas H. Cormen, Charles E. Leiserson, Ronald L.Rivest, Clifford Stein, “Introduction to Algorithms”, Second Edition, Mcgraw Hill, 2002.

2. Aho, Hopcroft and Ullman, “Data Structures and Algorithms”, Pearson Education,1983.

3. Stephen G. Kochan, “Programming in C”, 3rd edition, Pearson Education.

4. Ellis Horowitz, Sartaj Sahni, Susan Anderson-Freed, “Fundamentals of Data Structures in C”, Second Edition, University Press, 2008

Subject name Data Structures
Semester 3
Subject Code CS8391
Regulation 2017 regulation

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CS8391 Important Questions Data Structures

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