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CS6551 question bank Computer Networks Regulation 2013 Anna University

CS6551 question bank Computer Networks

CS6551 question bank Computer Networks Regulation 2013 Anna University free download. Computer Networks question bank free pdf download.

Sample CS6551 question bank:

Unit 1


1. Define Networks.

2. Define Internetworking and Intranetworking.

3. What is router or gateway?

4. Define routing.

5. What are Unicast, Multicast, and Broadcast?

6. What is Multiplexing and Demultiplexing?

7. What is Synchronous Time Division Multiplexing?

8. What is Frequency Division Multiplexing?

9. What is Statistical Multiplexing?

10. What are SAN, LAN, WAN and MAN?

11. List the three general classes of failure.

12. What are RRP and HHP?

13. Define Bandwidth and Latency.

14. What is transfer time?

15. Define frames.

16. What is Forward Error Detection?

17. What is Shanon’s Theorem?

18. What is Frequency Hopping?

19. What is Spread Spectrum?

20. What are Manchester encoding, Differential Manchester?


1. Explain about Network Architecture with neat sketch on it.

2. Explain about OSI Architecture with neat sketch on it.

3. Explain about Internet Architecture with neat sketch on it.

4. Explain about Network software.

5. Explain about Performance of computer network.

6. Explain about Framing and its types.

7. Explain about Error Detection.

8. Explain about Reliable transmission or Flow Control.

9. Explain about requirement of building a network.

10. Problems on Bandwidth and Latency.



1. What is repeater?

2. What is Media Access Control?

3. What is Exponential backoff?

4. What is Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing?

5. Define Signal to Noise Ratio.

6. What is Access Point?

7. What are Scanning and its four steps?

8. What is Bluetooth?

9. What is Piconet?

10. What is Gateway?

11. What are Switching and Bridging?

12. What is Virtual Circuit Switching?

13. Difference between Connectionless and Connection Oriented duplex.

14. What is hop by hop flow control?

15. What is Virtual Private Network?

16. Draw the sketch of IPv4 packet header.

17. What are TTL and MTU?

18. What is payload?

19. What are Class A , Class B and Class C?

20. What is Tunneling?

Subject Name Computer Networks
Subject code CS6551
Regulation 2013

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